Angkor Wat Sunrise on Christmas Morning

Woke up at 3AM, and followed my guide to Angkor Wat for a sunrise shoot. 

Normally, the temple opens at 5AM, but we got in about 40 mins earlier through a back entrance. I was first person to set-up on the spot, about 45mins later the rest of the sunrise viewers started to trickle in. It was completely pitch-black and my guide brought me right to the edge of the pond. We were ankle deep in mud. It was completely worth it! 

Check out how thick the crowd got around 8AM. People literally balancing themselves on the edge of the pond to photograph. (what photographers do to get a photograph).


The moment where you get your portfolio shot out of complete luck.

I was running a timelapse shoot at Angkor Wat when a monk walked right up to a corner of a stone window frame and sat down. I quickly pulled out my 70-200mm and took a shot! Best day of the Cambodian trip!

Oh yeah. Here's that time-lapse I was doing. Not so great when you put it side by side with that picture....